Earth (moving) Day

I am well into the garden by now. The hops and tomatoes went into the ground in early April. Living in Santa Barbara has it’s perks, and since winter ended back in early February and we’d had temperatures well above freezing (at night), I got an early start.
A little about my humble garden… the main plot is 10 feet wide, 13 feet at its longest and 9 feet at it’s shortest. I started with 8 different hop rhizomes (see my other blog detailing hop farming and home brewing at and 9 heirloom tomato plants.
I visited a local nursery out in Goleta last month and picked up the following tomato varieties:
1. Prudens Purple
2. Purple Calabash
3. Green Zebra
4. Pineapple Yellow
5. Brandywine Yellow
6. Stupice (my only red tomato)
7. Kellogs Orange Breakfast
8. Black from Tula
9. Japanese Black Trifele

As a novice farmer/ gardenere I didn’t even give thought to seeds this first time around. All of my vegetables are from starter plants, approx 5″ tall.

The plot has housed the tomato and hop plants for the past month but it also held a 10 year old, out of control rosemary plant and multiple amaranth bushes (which are a royal pain in the ass to remove). Last week I had the gardener chop all of it down. He’s only paid to mow the lawn so it was up to me to not only remove the debris of the rosemary slaughter but to excavate the whole 5′ x 9′ portion of the garden.

I don’t have before photo’s of the rosemary bush, but debris pile? check this out.

Yesterday, I borrowed a wheelbarrow from my father and moved the earth! Well at least it felt like it. I spent 3 hours Sunday morning shoveling and tilling  a decent portion of the plot. 

So this morning this is what my garden looked like.
…and just a while later after the new additions
Today I added 6 peppers, 3 cucumbers, 2 zucchini, and 2 golden watermelons.


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