Salad Santa Barbara a la Nicoise.

I’ve had a craving for a Salad Nicoise lately and since I had tuna steaks in the freezer….well, I guess lunch was decided. A bit laborious but worth it. Funny enough I didn’t have nicoise olives, but I did have some sun-dried, oil cured black olives from SB Olive Co. How’s that for support of locally produced food stuffs!
Actually since we’re a seven weeks away from harvesting anything from the garden, my alternative right now is Tri-County Produce. A produce stand on steroids, much cheaper than the local farmer’s market and provides high quality organic and conventional fruits and vegetables

About an hours worth of chopping, marinating, boiling & searing later, i’m ready to compose my salad

Ahh, lunch is ready! lots of briny, herbal, earthy flavors. I dressed both the crunchy green beans and small creamer potatoes in a herb/mustard/shallot vinaigrette and decided against dressing the greens. I also pickled the onions with fresh dill and white balsamic. I separated the egg whites from the yellows mainly because hard boiled egg isn’t one my favorite things (I like my yolks gooey & runny).
All told, not bad for what was “in the pantry”.


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