Why "Barbarian"?

 via UrbanDictionary.com a Santa Barbarian is a “dyed-in-the-wool resident of the city of Santa Barbara in Southern California.” As  I road my bike along this path on the beach I figured “My Barbarian Table” sounded vague enough to umbrella all aspects of what I want to cover while being intrinsically linked to food and the fact that I love in this sleepy coastal town. Heck, it sounded good to me the moment it popped into my head and I just couldn’t get it out.

Though I gave thought to what the traditional barbarian diet (i.e pre-history man) was, and basically it was what ever you could hunt down, pick or dig up. I do find my self intrigued with hunting down my own food but honestly I don’t think I could consider killing an animal unless my life depended on it. I know, hypocritical but I blame the decade in which I was born, being so far removed from the sustainable family farm era. Most likely, you’ll find me at a grocer or butcher getting my protein needs. Picking and digging up food, well hell, that’s why I have an awesome garden!

Status update: 11 of the 13 newbies that were put into the ground last weekend are flourishing. I’m a little worried about the japanese cucumbers and the sorbet swirl watermelon. The tomato plants have been tied to dowels for support, they’re all around 2′ tall and pruned. I’m now allowing the flowers to remain, get ready for tomatoes!

This weeks weather will be perfect, 7 straight days of sunshine with temperatures around 72 degrees F.


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