It’s time for a little pest control. All the plants are flourishing but I’ve noticed a bit of leaves at some of their bases are “chewed up”. Cheap and prefed, these little pints hold about 200-300 and will keep plant munching insects at bay.


A visit to La Sumida Nursery today yielded a couple more things!

New to the plot are two types of lettuces, Royal Oak Green Leaf & Butter Crunch Green Leaf. I also picked up leeks, onions and 7 herbs, all of the latter  don’t yet have a home. I have finally run out of space in the main plot. Monday will be expansion day!

I’m a sucker for watermelon and found one that I just couldn’t pass up. It’s called a Moon & Stars Watermelon, apparently having an exterior like the cosmos and the the inside swirling with different colors.



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3 responses to “Additions

  1. Wow, cool little tub of ladybugs. I have never seen that! I really enjoy your blog.

  2. yeah, these guys only cost me about $7. i'll buy a pint once a month and release them. early morning when its cool is best. in all, only about 20-35 remain, but thats only because theres not enough "food" or pests for them all. they move on to other areas in the neighborhood. really quite awesome.

  3. Amy

    Love the ladybugs – visually and practically! And kudos to you on your farming and endeavors!

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