Nothing is better than garlicky butter, especially when piped into french snails. I was intrigued but not surprised to find out that restaurants tend to buy cans of imported snails (upto 8 dozen in a can) and stuff them into the shells, rather than buying them whole (alive). I’m sure at some of our finer Michelin stared restaurants go with live ones but for purposes of supplying us folk the affordability of enjoying escargo, most restaurants go with the cans. They’re washed, strained, stuffed into clean shells and then overstuffed with delicious Maitre ‘d Hotel butter. 
These were stuffed by the guys at Stella Mare’s, I just couldn’t pass up the beauty of this delicious bounty. 


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6 responses to “Escargo

  1. When we go clamming, we will sometimes find snails and bring them home for eating. Despite my love for escargot in butter and garlic, I've never cooked it that way. Usually I make a salad with some finely diced onion, some lemon juice, and a little hot pepper. Next time, I'll be making it this way!

  2. so delicious! try combining one head of garlic, one bunch of parsley (or basil, this too is also delicious) and 1 # of butter. put into a Robocoupe or food processor and blend to all hell. then use the butter for everything. its especially delicious on seafood and the like (snails)!with your prep, are you steaming them or poaching? i really like the simplicity of the preparation, hot pepper, lemon and onion….you just can't go wrong.

  3. wow, I never knew they used canned snails! the chefs in SB shouldn't have too much problem with using our local ones, though. I heard they are the correct species and were (unfortunately) introduced into the SB area years ago by an escargot fan!

  4. hmmm, i wonder if there's a someone who legally cultivates them? are they over near the bird refuge? i have some that have made my front porch home, but I dont think they're the right species.I actually have become a huge fan of the canned snails for the simple reason of them being affordable and super quick and easy to prepare. i would however like to try our local ones, talk about slow food!

  5. what a great job with the escargot!!! thanks so much for sharingDennis

  6. So fascinating! Never new about the canned snails, either! Now I'll be looking for them at my gourmet market!

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