Baby Vegetables!

Purple Calabash! a bit early (a good month early) for fruit on this one, but I’m not one to complain when in comes to tomatoes. 
The only other plant with fruit right now is the Stupice, my only red tomato. Almost all of others though are full of those tell tale yellow flowers that promise a high yield come mid-July. One of the yellows and one of the black varieties are still only foliage.
Lovely Japanese Kabocha squash. My accidental winter squashes seems to likes our spring type weather, two budding squash have already appeared on both the white and kabocha varieties.
Sweet green zucchini! tons of large, bright yellow flowers some of which have decided to hunker down and produce fruit. I’ve been tempted to pluck the young flowers to fry up some delectable way or stuff them! I missed the farmers market this week and my trusty bike with awesome rattan grocery basket has been stolen. This leaves me with limited mobility and options. But I’m in luck and am in walking distance to a great spanish market, chorizo here I come!
happy eating!


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2 responses to “Baby Vegetables!

  1. These are going to be wonderful. My husband and I have been growing tomatoes, peppers, and assorted herbs in front of our apartment and we are highly anticipating the first harvest. 🙂

  2. I think I do enjoy zucchini blossoms more than I do the actual zucchini. Great post!

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