garden explosion & some new additions…

Its been a while, and for that I apologize. I’m in a holding pattern with the garden. It has jumped into explosion stage, and though not quite ready to harvest, there are many baby vegetables and green tomatoes (not to mention, tons of foliage). I spent the better half of this morning re-dowling the tomatoes and pruning them back.

I went on vacation 10 days ago and when I returned I found this hearty pickling cucumber! unfortunately all of it’s brethren are far behind (barely an inch), so another day or two and I’ll have to put this loner to a mandolin for a quick japanese pickle.

And of course I couldnt pass up MORE vegetables, even though I have no place to plant them. New additions: kohlrabi,  cabbage and eggplant! into the ground come monday…where? I have no idea!!!



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3 responses to “garden explosion & some new additions…

  1. I wish I had my own garden space…I just picked up a head of cabbage from whole foods, but would have loved to have grown it in my backyard!

  2. truly a blessing for the space i have. i lived for almost 10 years in NYC/ Brooklyn and dreamed of the day when I could grow my own food. its awesome.

  3. whoa, that cuke is incredibly phalic.

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