citrus picking! and a cucumber.

Living in one of the worlds citrus capitals, makes for some easy access to year round fruit. When I came home from work this weekend I had found a milk crate full of Pummelos (aka pomelo), oranges, lemons and avocados set out by my neighbor. I hand squeezed almost 3 cups of fresh juice out of 8 oranges, saved the pummelo’s for breakfast and started on dinner. 
Dinner made use of the fabulous bounty of oranges. Roasted orange chicken with 5 herbs from the garden; greek oregano, margerum, pineapple sage, garlic chive, french thyme. I combined some fresh orange juice with a dash of clove honey and soy sauce. This was a quick and simple dinner thrown together with relative ease. I think I spent more time shooting the various stages of prep than the prep itself.
In other harvesting news, the first vegetable has been picked!
and sliced and pickled!
The cucumber was sliced on a mandolin and tossed with rice wine vinegar, sugar and a fresh chili. After I make my way to the fish market on the wharf later in the morning, I’ll make use of the savory, spicy, sweet pickles with a seared or crudo tuna. 


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2 responses to “citrus picking! and a cucumber.

  1. Beautiful…Can't wait to see the tuna:)The chicken looks fantastic!

  2. That chicken looks absolutely fantastic! Your pictures are so vibrant. How wonderful to grow your own produce. I can't seem to grow anything except weeds 😉

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