White Squash dinner

unidentifiable heirloom (& fast growing) squash variety
the seeds! yes they were roasted!
creamy (savory) squash flan.
langostines with leeks, white squash in cream.
One of “accidental squash” I planted has taken over 1/3 of the back fence. It’s leaves are easily 12-14 inches in diameter and it’s studded with large yellow flowers. I wasnt sure what type of squash these were or when to harvest them but I had to act quickly because once these melonous squash take hold and survive the early establishment stages, they double in size every 2-3 days. I harvested two, the one I hold in my hand is the eldest and larger of the two. Both had pale white green rinds, and light green firm flesh. The more mature squash had seeds similar to pumpkin seeds, so yes some seed roasting was involved, but they were so good that they were long gone before plating.
I roasted 3 halves for about 1.5 hours with celery, onion and chicken stock until super tender. I noticed that in addition to having edible seeds, the larger squash had the texture of spaghetti squash. This was, of course, after I had proceeded to cut the halves into large cubes (next time I’ll prep as a spaghetti squash). Into the blender with hot cream, egg yolk and then well seasoned, it was cooked like a custard or flan where ramekins were placed in a water bath and baked for about 75 minutes. 
The last remaining half of white squash was small diced with leeks and sauteed with langostine tails, which was finished with heavy cream and butter. Though I didn’t use herbed bread crumbs, the flavor was similar to a Coquille St. Jacques.


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3 responses to “White Squash dinner

  1. Both of those sound absolutely delicious!Jan's Sushi Bar

  2. Wow! Your squash looks awesome and they made such beautiful recipes. The creamy squash flans look irresistible and the langostines with leeks, white squash and cream looks so fresh and delicious!

  3. This page is confusing people.
    In fact, this is just a large spaghetti squash that isn’t quite ripe yet.
    There are varieties of white squash. This is not one.

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