Watermelon, Israeli Feta, Heirloom Cherry Tomato

 I have an affinity towards anything that resembles tapas. Finger food has never been so popular (okay maybe back in the 70’s) and with summer produce in full swing I have an ample list of ingredients to spear together for a light early evening snack before dinner. This dish was made with the earliest produce of the season, so the the flavors and colors are young and fresh. Wait to make until late summer and you’ll experience more bright and robust. Either way, both are delicious!

In this case heirloom cherry tomatos are paired with feta, Israeli feta to be specific,which is creamier and not as acidic as the standard store bought kind. One could use Bulgarian or Lebanese feta, but the Greek stuff is just to crumbly to spear, but would be fine in a salad if you don’t want to prep appetizers. If  you like the salad idea, make a quick basil vinaigrette, by blending fresh basil, 1 part balsamic and 2.5 parts olive oil. If the dressing has too much of a bite, use 3 parts olive oil. When my golden watermelons come in I’ll remake as a salad and toss with thick chunks of black and green tomatoes.



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4 responses to “Watermelon, Israeli Feta, Heirloom Cherry Tomato

  1. What a brilliant contrast in flavours! Refreshing and creamy all in one bite. I can't wait until the golden watermelons come in so I can see the salad. Looks really wonderful.

  2. Wow! The balsamic vinegar paired with the tomatoe against the sweeter than sweet melon with the creaminess of the cheese sounds wonderful

  3. I'm a fan of feta in any combination of things. It is truly a food sent from the gods. I also enjoy spearing my food with toothpicks. In other words, this is the kind of snack I'd like to make!

  4. this is truly one of my favorite things to throw together. it's a great all summer long dish!

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