First Tomato & Cucumber, Greek Salad

I harvested the first of my tomatoes. This early tomato plant, Supice I believe, is pretty much the only one thats producing ripe fruit at this time. Out of the nine heirlooms, 3 have tons of green fruit, 3 with a couple of baby tomatoes, 2 barren (only barely flowering) and one that is struggling. These tomato plants have responded well to my weekly waterings of Miracle grow by reaching heights of 4.5/5 ft tall! They’re too big now to prune, so I’m just letting them do their stuff.

I also decided to grab a couple of my japanese cucumbers that are curling their way through the garden. These guys are similar to the English burpless variety accept for all the tiny spikes that cover their skin. I recommend handling these with gardening gloves. The skins are easy to get through with a peeler though so don’t let that deter you.

Petrale sole poached in butter with capers, shallots and greek oregano (from the garden) was the main course so I figured I’d continue the theme and make a quick chopped salad of sorts with the newly harvested vegetables.

I combined the cucumbers with the tomatoes and onions with israeli feta, spanish olive oil, a splash of red wine vinegar, greek oregano, seasoned kosher salt and voila! a nice, refreshing summer salad.

And here is the finished product! The vegetables had such an aromatic and full flavor, you could really “taste” the sunshine in each bite. I highly recommend growing ones own food, its absolutely rewarding and worth every bite!



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2 responses to “First Tomato & Cucumber, Greek Salad

  1. My oregano is taking over my herb garden, I need to make Greek salad, your salad looks good!

  2. Greek salad is one of my all time favourites. Yours looks wonderful!

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