Homebrew & Malted Pot de Creme

Pot de Creme with malted caramel (from my home brewing kit).    

 This passed 4th of July weekend was filled with delicious makings! The first of the homebrews was started, one of my favorite beers of all time, Fantome Saison. The brew kit was delivered promptly courtesy of my favorite supplier, Austin Homebrew Supply (photos below of brewing). With some left over malt extract, I drizzled a little over my nicely chilled pot de creme. Malt caramel is beautifully rich and subtly familiar, reminds me of simpler  candy times when flavor options were limited and malt was the way to go with chocolate, definitely movie theaters.

Steeping of the grains in about 2.5 G of water (@155 F)

Malt extract added, make sure not to burn…stir constantly.

Mmmmmm, hops. Both for bittering and aromatics. Since my hops won’t produce viable cones for brewing for another year, pellets are the way to go.

Timing is everything, adding specific amounts of hops at certain times during the boil. This lovely concoction is called wort.

After chilling in a basin of ice for 10 min to get the temp down to 80 degrees, the mixture was poured into the primary fermenter, capped and left to do it’s business. we’ll be bottling in about 10-14 days, drinkable in 5-6 weeks!



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5 responses to “Homebrew & Malted Pot de Creme

  1. How wonderful! Make sure you post photos up of the finished product, when it's ready. Your Pot de Creme looks absolutely fantastic.

  2. I can't wait to hear how your beer comes out. I have never made a Saison and the ones I have had were quite enjoyable, so I might just have to.What types of hops did you use?We are neck deep in summer wines including Strawberry and Dandelion.Jason

  3. Very cool. Can't wait to hear the verdict!

  4. Oh wow, that looks gorgeous. When the beer's ready, if you need help tasting, let us know!

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