Additions & Subtractions July 2010

I have no idea what this fruit is. It was on sale at La Sumida nursery in Goleta. Two plants remained, of which this one I took home because it looked a bit healthier. But when I got it home it didn’t have the name tag in the pot. I do however recall that it’s fruit are edible (with the skins removed) and has the flavor of melon & cucumber. As to when I’m suppose to harvest and eat the plump lovelies, I’ll have to give the nursery a call tomorrow.
It was time for some changes in the garden. The summer squash didn’t take to the sudden wintry like weather we’ve had in Santa Barbara the past 6 weeks and had developed some root rot, enough to inhibit it’s production of vegetables. The cucumbers were also struggling so I ripped them out of the ground, with my dream of pickles temporarily on hold. With the bounty on the brink, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to pickle come late August
I added some lacinthian kale, baby arugula & mixed mesculun greens and multi-colored corn to the lot.


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