tomato snack

What is summer without tomatoes!!!

It’s surprising to me that, as a child, I absolutely hated tomatoes. So much to the point that my father went to making pizza without sauce for me. It was the gelatinous goo that surrounds the seeds….it was like the blob to me, i wouldn’t touch anything that contained tomato even if it was pulverized to shit. I wouldn’t even eat ketchup! I’ve always been sensitive to texture in food, as a child it appalled me (like the weird skins and mushy insides of peas), but as an adult I love texture in food as much as the flavor.

Luckily I have seen the tomato light and gotten over that strange dislike and now find them one of my favorite things to eat. (quite simply seasoned with sea salt)

The garden is full of drooping branches of green heirloom fruit, to which I want to pillage and whip a batch of fried green tomatoes. Still only the Stupice producing ripe tomatoes. The next couple of weeks should be bountiful.



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5 responses to “tomato snack

  1. I know what you mean! I used to not be so keen on tomatoes, especially the seedy goo. But now I like 'em more and more.

  2. Gorgeous photo! I adore home grown tomatoes and yours look fantastic!

  3. thanks! i wish everyone had plants of their own, they're so delicious!

  4. Oh, I love tomatoes and especially the fresh, right-off-the-vine ones! Lucky you… lovely photos!

  5. Beautiful photo. I love tomatoes in any shape or form and have passed that on to our daughter, who will grab one off the vine and chomp away. It's a good thing she picked it up from me because my husband is like you were. He says he can't tell if it's coming or going.

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