We’ve got Watermelon!

Golden Sunburst (Watermelon). The vine has stretched itself clear across half the yard, wrapping coiled tendrils tightly around blades of grass for stability. For a long time this particular plant laid dormant, it’s sister plant succumbing to lack of adequate sunshine (being impatient, I ripped it out last month when it wouldn’t grow). But about 2-3 weeks ago these small, bright yellow flowers began to emerge along the blanket of vines and just yesterday I noticed all the flowers are developing small fruit! woo-hoo! we have watermelon!!
now if these small little guys all survive and grow into normal sized melons, I’m in big trouble! we’re talking 50-60 melons on this one plant alone! yikes, time to set up a fruit stand.

to put in perspective how little these guys are, check it out…


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