Foie Gras Stuffed & Roasted Chicken

I should just start by saying that I have no photo’s for this post and I apologize for that. Yes, ladies and gentlemen…I dropped my digital camera while trying to take a photo of a very hot baking sheet of roasted fingerling potatoes. FRICK! I forgot that it was hot, but I knew it was hot because I just pulled it out of the oven for goodness sakes! Being obsessed with food is my achilles heal… I was mesmerized by the beautiful bounty before me and thought nothing of the scalding hot tray when I went to nudge it into a suitable shot. The camera flew out of my hand and in an instant…smash!
The good thing is that it was under warranty, but that means at least a week before replacement arrives.
I will post photos that were on the memory card of the garden selection but I wasn’t able to take any after photo’s. I’ll do my best to describe below:

Foie gras stuffed chicken with market roasted vegetables (including cippolini onions from the garden).

Roasted Chicken
     I started with a 4.5# chicken and stuffed the cavity with a head of garlic cut in half and the stalks of a fennel bulb (put aside the actual bulb as it will be part of the roasted market veg). As much as I’d like to say the chicken was organic, I’m not about to pay $16 for a bird which was the going price at both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.
     I was able to procure some foie gras from a chef friend of mine in town & proceeded to slice it and place it under the skin of the breast and legs. I would recommend freezing any fat, be it butter, olive oil, bacon fat, foie, it makes prep work a lot less messy.
     Patted dry, drizzled with a healthy pour of good olive oil and seasoned only with sea salt, I placed this beauty into a 350 oven for about 75 minutes. At 25 & 45 minutes I pulled the chicken out and basted it with it’s own fat & juices (yeah baby! yum!).
     Once cooking was complete, I pulled the lovely browned bird out and covered with foil while everything else was finishing up.

Everything else….

Roasted market vegetables
     This is a very simple and classic side dish. I took about 1.5# of fingerling potatoes and combined them with market fresh baby carrots, fennel and shallots that were then tossed with olive oil and salt.
     From the garden I grabbed cippolini onions and garlic chives by gently pulling the individual onions from the earth based upon their size and readiness. Stunning, even covered in soil these babies had sweet flying saucer like bulbs and 2 foot green onion fronds slapping me in the face as I worked on them. I promise once the replacement camera arrives I will post photos.
     I finished by adding the cleaned up cippolini’s and shopped garlic chives to the mix and threw them into the same 350 oven that the chicken was roasting in for about 45 minutes. Once finished cooking, I transferred with vegetable mixture to a ceramic serving dish, covered it with foil, turned off the oven and started on the sauce.

Foie gras cream sauce
     I took the glorious basting liquid that was left over from the chicken and poured it into a container to allow for separation. It was 1/2 fat and 1/2 meaty juice (mmmmm, the good tasty stuff!) & I was able to siphon off the fat leaving a hearty chicken broth of sorts that was thrown into a hot pan for reduction. To this I added about 1 oz of very soft foie gras and whisked it until incorporated. To this mixture I added a dash of cream then burre mixed it for good measure. WOW! a phenomenal and very rich sauce! no need to salt, the chicken juices are full of flavor on their own.

Dinner was plated with a beautifully browned breast of chicken, the skin golden and crispy, the meat moist and simply delicious. To the plate some roasted market veg was added and then the luscious foie cream drizzled on top. I had a bit more of the foie cream because it uncious, fatty goodness could’ve been drunk like a soup it was so good.

eh, I went for a run before I ate so….c’est la vie!



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6 responses to “Foie Gras Stuffed & Roasted Chicken

  1. Oh no! So sorry about the camera but your recipe sounds super delicious.

  2. Good luck on having the repair plan for the camera. The recipe sounds great, and I am not into foie gras.Jason

  3. This sounds delicious! Good thing you have a warranty on that camera! I'd have been so upset.

  4. I'm so sorry about the camera. I hope that the sick feeling from dropping it didn't ruin your wonderful meal for you at all!

  5. I bummed i couldn't take photo's to show you guys how glorious this dinner was. but the replacement is on its way! thnks for your condolences!

  6. Anything to get that perfect shot! Sorry about your hand and the camera, sounds like something I would do, nice to have the warranty! I love the recipe, just have to use my imagination for how it looks;-)

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