Sweet, Spicy, Tangy 5 Pepper Condiment

Today’s harvest of some colorful peppers, both sweet and hot.
     Yes, folks I have access to a camera, so postings will commence immediately. I have so many dishes to share with you since the blog has been suspended due to a camera mishap 3 weeks ago. First things first, this awesome, tangy, asian inspired pepper salsa! 
     The summer as you know has been a cool one here on the central coast of California, but August has finally rolled around and we’ve got a couple of nice temperate days. Granted it’s not the nice August heat we need but the morning marine layer no longer last all day and it tends to be a beautiful sunny 70 degrees most days. This makes for some good ripening amongst some of the produce. 
     Peppers chosen this morning were the banana, green serrano, cherry bomb, bulgarian carrot (super hot!!!) amd the tequilla sunrise. A colorful lot.
     With the peppers, I pulled some of the cippolini onions and garlic chives from the other side of the garden. These onions have plumped up wonderfully in the past 2 weeks, which are readily available for any recipe.
     I first rinsed the peppers then sliced them thinly, but ultimately ended up putting everything in the food processor with the onions, fresh garlic (maybe about 8 cloves), rice vinegar and some of that super funky fish sauce. I’d say the ratio was probably 4 to1. Seasoned with a bit of salt and a tablespoon of sugar, I blended until smooth. Sweet, spicy, tangy, ohhhhh, delicious condiment!! Put this on any protein for a fantastic punch.


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7 responses to “Sweet, Spicy, Tangy 5 Pepper Condiment

  1. This looks delicious! It'd be perfect with grilled meats, I think.

  2. I love it! Here in he South we have pepper relish or "Chow-chow" that looks similar to this. It's phenomenal stuff. Goes great on eggs and cures hangovers.And count yourself lucky for a mild summer. We've had over 50 days above 90 down here in Georgia!

  3. I love love love pepper relish. I could put it on anything. Thanks for sharing your recpie.

  4. It's so addictive. The fish sauce really adds a nice depth, kinda funky like truffles but you can't stop eating it. I lathered it on my cowboy cut steak tonight and then later over brown rice with ponzu. I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!

  5. Nice! The addition of the fish sauce sounds fantastic!

  6. Wow, it's beautiful. Should HOT be there somewhere? With all those peppers, it looks like it would set my hair on fire.

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