chicken poblano chili

 chicken and poblano chili with a jack cheese corn cake
Enough said really. I harvested some of the poblano chili’s today since I’ve notice a couple of them dying on the bush. They aren’t as large and plump as the ones I’ve found in the markets but they’re sweet and skinny. I was worried that the mild & cool summer was causing them to rot on the vine, some of them developed brown/red blotches and fell of the plant if I just looked at them.
This is one of my poblano pepper plants, it sits about 3′ high and was full of chili’s until I picked it clean this morning.
As the chicken thighs were browning, I lightly tossed the chili’s with olive oil and salt and threw them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes. I added half of a large onion, diced, along with salt, masa flour, dried jalepeno and chicken stock to the chicken. This was allowed to simmer for about 15 minutes. 

While the stew was doing it’s thing, I got started on the corn cake. You can use a cornbread mix or masa, whichever you prefer. Which ever you use, add 2/3C whole corn, 2/3C jack cheese, 2T butter and don’t forget to season with salt. If I hadn’t used all the roasted poblanos and jalepenos in the stew, I would recommend adding some to your corn cake mixture. Top with extra cheese to taste and bake for 12-18 minutes in a 400 degree oven.
cheesy, delicious corn cake
Once the corn cake is baked and cooling, the stew should be about ready for the final additions. Along with the diced & roasted poblanos, one can of organic white beans and 1/2C of tomatillo salsa are added to the pot. Simmer for another 10-20 minutes or keep on a low flame until you’re ready to serve.
mmmmm, stew and cheesy corn cake.


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13 responses to “chicken poblano chili

  1. Sorry your poblanos don't seem to be doing as well as they could. My tomatoes don't seem to want to ripen at all! Great dish, though. I love chicken chili! Yum.

  2. My whole garden is not really doing well this year… I have jalapeños that are round and the size of dimes. Ah well! Luckily we have our Farmer's Market! Amazing chili! Love all aspects of it.

  3. Really nice recipe. Looks delicious!

  4. Those corn cakes look sooooo good! You certainly treated those poblanos right.

  5. Great photographs on your site. This recipe looks delicious – we love anything containing chillies so will give this a go.

  6. I never tasted a poblano chili, I don't think I can get them in the Netherlands. How would you rate them for spiciness? Elizabeth

  7. This is the first time seeing someone with a poblano tress growing right there in their yard. That's pretty awesome. Of course, you pulled out a delicious stew. The corn cake takes the cake though!

  8. Poblano chilies are super mild, no heat just all earthy flavor. Best when roasted, usually over a flame but these smaller ones are so tender a bit of time in a hot oven will soften them up. Poblanos are the chili you find in chili rellenos and when dried are known as ancho chilies. A very versatile vegetable. Hope you can find some in a market near you, I highly recommend.

  9. On a recent trip to California I discovered poblano chilies at the Orland Flea Market. They traveled with us home to Seattle. I just loved them. These actually were a bit hot. Maybe they were something else? Although they looked like yours. A couple of markets at home haven't had them, but I know I can find them if I keep looking. Your stew looks like a great use for them!

  10. Jealous you got anything out of your garden! We tried for years, but the deer and bunnies ate us up before we even got one tomato – the worst part was that whatever was eating our produce would eat just one bite out of each!Mmmm..comfort food in a bowl – looks delicious!

  11. oh no! I'm sorry to hear about the pests. i've been lucky this year in that regard. granted there are slugs, green worms and weird spiky bugs that hang out on all them plants but no rats or gophers which are usual in these parts. i've also relied heavily on the produce stand since the weather sucked this summer.

  12. Looks awesome! Can't wait to try this recipe.

  13. Sounds like the perfect pairing! Thanks for sharing these recipes!

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