watermelon rind pickles

A late summer favorite! It’s such a shame to let a good rind go to waste, so why not make use of that starchy green flesh closest to the rind. A refreshing snack that you can just grab from the fridge. Keep the rind on so that the integrity of the flesh stays crunchy, then trim as needed or just eat as is.
 moon & stars melon
yes, lots of seeds so the flesh of the melon was better for juicing rather than eating. After taking all the seeds out the flesh what was left in small pieces of pulp to which was pickled in left over brine or used in a spinach salad
sorbet swirl melon
This pickling recipe was adapted by Linda Ziedrick’s The joy of Pickling. It’s the perfect simple pickling recipe: 7-6-5-4, (7C rind, 6C water, 5C sugar, 4 C cider vinegar) with all the aromatics you like. But because I’m not a super fan of “sweet” style pickles, I held back and only added 3 C of sugar. After bringing this delectable syrup to a boil I added 2T of pickling spice, and 1 tsp each of clove, allspice and star anise. 
After trimming the rinds they were added to 2 large quart jars. One jar got 4 serrano chili’s and 1T of black peppercorns, the other 1T juniper berries and 2T dried dill. The pickling syrup is poured over the two quarts of rind while still hot and allowed to cool.
Since these are fresh pickles you’ll be able to enjoy them after about 24 hours in the fridge. They’ll keep for about 2 months.
enjoy! eat with a nice charcuterie plate or straight out of the jar!


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6 responses to “watermelon rind pickles

  1. What a coincidence. I just came across another pickled watermelon rind recipe and was so intrigued by it and here you are with your post. I think this means I'm supposed to try it. What a great idea to not let those goodies go to waste. Thanks for posting!

  2. Watermelon rind pickles?! I have never heard of such a thing and have a hard time imagining the flavor. So interesting! And I scrolled down and checked out your luxury dinner party…WOW! You really knocked yourself out there. I was extremely impressed with the difficulty level in your choices. Very cool.

  3. @torviewtoronto, thanks!@lemonandanchovies, definitely give a try! delicious and different! @jenn the fleshy green part closest to the rind amazingly has the texture of cucumber, so it makes for great pickling! it's a great hot weather snack you can just grab out of the jar and put on paper towels while sitting on the porch!have an awesome day!

  4. Great idea…I never knew you could eat the rind! I just pickled for the first time ever, and am hooked. Too bad I just cut up a watermelon and threw the rinds away! Next time…

  5. What do they end up tasting like?

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