Amuse Bouche- Grilled Shrimp, mango and guacamole bites

Amuse bouche, or other wise known as a “palate pleaser”, is something the chef sends out to the table before your dinner gets started, a tasty little tidbit (a single bite) that is to get your mouth watering and you ready for the meal. You frequently see amuse in upscale 5-star dine dining establishments such as Daniel in NYC and more often than not, they’re a nice complimentary surprise.
Many of you followed and supported me as I moved through the challenges of Project Food Blog the past couple of weeks, and I thank you immensely but alas I didn’t move forward after the Luxury Dinner Party. I did however have a fantastic time and was introduced to a lot of wonderful and talented food bloggers to which I am grateful for being a part of. As a result of my very short adventures into competitive food blogging I think I may have become addicted to food challenges and found this wonderful site to nourish my cravings.
presented to by the great folks at:

This amuse is the first of six courses I hope to recreate that are part of Kitchen Play’s Inaugural Menu. To check out more information and the rest of the menu, go to Each of these monthly menus are sponsored, and this month our lovely sponsor is Sur La Table, a gourmand haven  that supplies fine cookware, cutlery, kitchen electronics and other fun gadgetry made for professional and ameteur chefs. If you don’t have one close by, never fear, their website is phenomenal, It stocks all of their goodies found in the stores and you can have whatever you need delivered.
Now on to the delectible edibles! The great thing about Kitchen Play’s menu items are that we can put our own little spin or interpretation on the dishes. Some basic ingredients are listed but no recipes provided. The ingredients listed for the amuse bouche were 1. grilled shrimp 2. mango 3. guacamole. This was surprisingly quick and easy to make, it only took about 10 minutes to put together. As many of you may know by now, I don’t write recipes in the traditional list format, it’s tedious for me and boring for you. I do however write everything in prose with measurements included.

Mango puree

Take one ripe mango and remove and discard the skin and the pit. You should be left with about one cup of mango flesh. Now because the mangos I found at the produce stand were lacking sufficient juice, I added two medium golden tomatoes from my garden (skins removed as well) so that pureeing would be easier. Place both into your food processor, along with 1/3 cup of white wine and season with sea salt.

puree until smooth then put through a strainer or sieve to eliminate lumps.
after the puree is strained, set aside.

This too, is super simple. Take one avocado, removed the pit and dice the creamy flesh, combine with a quarter of a red onion, juice of a half of a lemon & a tablespoon of cilantro, then season with salt.

Grilled Shrimp
Devein and clean your shrimp,and count one shrimp per person. Season with sea salt and place onto a hot oiled grill. Cook for maybe 75 seconds, then remove and set aside

Putting it together:
gently spoon some of your puree into some ceramic soup spoons (available at Sur La Table)
next, scoop a spoonful of your chunky guacamole onto the mango puree. 

finally, top with the grilled shrimp.

 ready to serve to your guest.
The sweet tang of the mango goes beautifully with creamy avocado. That extra lemon in the guacamole provides a bright zing that brings out the grilled nature of the shrimp. Sweet, savory & smokey in textures that melt in your mouth. You may just have to make 2-3 per person or turn this into an appetizer, its that good.



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2 responses to “Amuse Bouche- Grilled Shrimp, mango and guacamole bites

  1. This makes me hungry!! I like the presentation! I must go shop for some spoons like that!

  2. ChefGarrett

    Just made this as an Amuse Bouche for 65 people. Went very well. I did Blackened Shrimp instead to enhance the shrimp and add more depth of flavor. Thanks for the inspiration!

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