White Bean & Rosemary Bruschetta

both caramelized white beans and a white bean spread top this bruschetta
 Appetizers are by far one of the best thing about a meal, a couple of bites and it’s done. There’s no real commitment to an appetizer, you needn’t dirty flatware or even a plate, it’s finger food at it’s finest. It’s leisurely passed on a tray at a party or it can be placed on a  buffet table and left to the holiday masses. But don’t let this free spirited course fool you, it can indeed be dressed up and served as a plated course to your guests. Elegant rustic? yes, indeed,  just my style.

This is the appetizer course of the Inaugural menu featured on http://kitchen-play.com/ and sponsored by the awesome people at http://www.surlatable.com/. Sur La Table is a foodie haven that has high quality kitchen wares for the novice or professional chef. A great place to spend an afternoon and get lost in.

Again, for this dish only bullet points in the way of ingredients were provided: 1.white bean 2.rosemary 3.bruschetta (grilled garlic toast). All the ingredients are straight forward. Bruschetta, for all intents and purposes is toast, it literally means bread that is to be “roasted over coals”. It’s always rubbed with garlic cloves and dressed with a bit of olive oil. Secondly, it’s topped with fresh chopped produce, cheese or even a country pate. Though the toppings can vary from traditional tomato, to roasted wild mushrooms and even slow roasted garlic cloves, for this course we’re using white beans.

First start by heating up about a cup of good quality olive oil. Be careful not to scorch it, it shouldn’t come to smoking, just a gentle warm up. Add two to three sprigs of rosemary to a bowl and pour your heated olive oil over it. Roughly crush 2 cloves of garlic and add them to the mix. Allow the rosemary to bathe in the olive oil for a good 12-15 minutes. The warm oil will pick up the subtleties of the aromatics you add to it. This one sings the sweet smell of focaccia to me, as it’s the same oil I use when baking such delicious Italian treats. You’ll definitely have some rosemary oil left over, so start planning on other uses!

Rosemary grows like a weed here in Santa Barbara, I actually had to have a professional gardner come out and remove the gigantic rosemary bush that stood 5 feet high and spread itself equally as deep. When garnishing butters for service, we gather wild rosemary at the restaurant.

rosemary soaking in warm olive oil
pulsed chunky spread

For 6-8 guest you need only about 12 ounces of beens. Regardless if you use fresh or canned beans, rinse and place half of them on paper towels and let dry in the sunshine. With the other half, add to a food processor. To the beans, add 1/4 of a red onion, the leaves of soaked rosemary sprigs, one of the soaked, crushed garlic cloves and just under 1/4 cup of the rosemary oil. Pulse to a semi smooth spread, you still want to know what it is so there’s no need process to oblivion, let there be chunks of white bean for a rustic feel.  

Next, take the other half of beans that you had been sun drying and place in a hot cast iron skillet, add a bit of the rosemary oil. You will definitely want to cover with a splatter screen or lid as the beans will begin to pop, reduce the heat to medium and allow to caramelize for about 6 minutes or until you see a beautiful golden beans. At the last minute add fresh chopped rosemary and a pinch of sea salt. Remove from the heat and allow to cool while you are toasting up the bread.
The best kind of bread is what ever you love, light and airy or crunchy and dense, choose a bread you like eating. Slice at a thickness you like and generously rub with a halved garlic clove and brush with a bit of the rosemary oil. Pop onto a grill or into the toaster and allow to golden crispiness.
Once your bruschetta are perfectly toasted, top with a bit of the white bean rosemary spread then spoon caramelized beans to finish it off, garnish with rosemary. eat or serve!
a beautiful array of white bean & rosemary bruschetta

quick, easy and delicious!



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29 responses to “White Bean & Rosemary Bruschetta

  1. Oh man, that sounds heavenly! I love white bean dip and make it all the time, but your addition of the rosemary oil and the caramelized beans really takes it over the top. Love your "rustic chic" way of preparing food. It's my favorite as well! Also, major props for using "intents and purposes" correctly! I cringe when people say "intensive purposes" almost as much as when they say "supposably"!

  2. This looks so good! I love white bean spread but I think adding the caramelized beans sounds just heavenly, and that fragrant herbed olive oil…that would be delicious on it's own! Lovely photos and descriptions as always!

  3. This looks great. I can't wait to try it. It's going straight to my To do page, and yes appetizers are most often the BEST part of the meal!!!

  4. Wish I was your neighbor. I'd love some of that rosemary! I think it's great that you've prepared the spread two ways.

  5. good stuff! I love white beans and this is a great way to use them!

  6. I am so hungry right now! Goldfish crackers aren't going to cut it. This looks like a good dinner alongside a salad for next week.Jason

  7. really, one of the best quick and inexpensive apps to whip up. if there's any spread left, dip in bread crumbs and saute…mmm, crispy white bean cakes.

  8. Your crostini looks amazing! Love how you did beans two ways on one appetizer. These are a MUST make!

  9. Lovely dish – I love the two different textures and flavours of the beans and rosemary and garlic are just made to be together.

  10. caramelized beans? a genial addition!!!

  11. Holy cow, that looks fantastic. I absolutely adore the idea of it and will be giving it a try. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

  12. Very nice bruschetta, look forward to trying. Good trick with the rosemary, didn't know rosemary could grow to 5 feet, wow, do you have a picture.

  13. @Lisa, Thanks!@Hester, truly a combo that was meant to be!@Amelia, I caramelized anything I get my hands on, it makes everything delicious!@The Mom Chef, you're welcome, I hope you like it!@Medifast, I think I have a photo somewhere..it was a black widow infested monster, I still have pesky amaranths pushing themselves up around the old rosemary area.

  14. Caramelized White Beans are a new concept to me and I love it. GREG

  15. @Gregthey're such a delicious surprise, they pop open as they cook and some of their spattered flesh creates a coating on everything, acting much like a batter or crumb coating that also browns. dont be surprised if they soak up all your cooking fat, just let them do their thing and you'll end up with a beautiful side dish.i'm going to try cooking this in bacon fat next.

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  17. I have fresh white beans and rosemary in my refrigerator Now just to get a baugette and I'll be ready to make this deliciousness myself. It sounds heavenly.

  18. fantastic spread.I'd love to make this soon.If you won't mind I'd love to guide foodista readers to your site.Just add your choice of Foodista widget at the end of this blog post and it's good to go.Thanks!

  19. You have received a lovely award. Please check out my blog:)Thank you,Becky

  20. This is absolutely mouth watering! I don't think i've had bruschetta this way. Love it. And thank you so much for your kind comment!

  21. Your Bruschetta looks exquisite! Such a nice change from the typical tomato based Bruschettas. I would love to server your recipe for a dinner party, everyone would love it.

  22. What a lovely twist on the normal bruschetta. Yum!

  23. I love how fresh and delicious this looks!

  24. C&G

    You're right, it does look quick and delicious! I like your recipes, you've got a a new follower today! Giorgia

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