Gardening Day

          I hadn’t realized that it’s been nearly two weeks since my last post (I apologize!) Since the garden has long been depleted, and with inspiration lacking, life seem to steer me out of the creative kitchen for a moment. But with a flurry of fall garden activity occuring and the wrap up of’s Inaugural menu, the next couple of days I should be busy and productive!
          It was about time to rip out the garden so the fall selection could get planted. The weather has been beautiful lately, in low 70’s with tons of fall sunshine, and it has finally stopped raining. I also kept this day off as long as possible, besides being slightly lazy I also wanted to harvest as much as I could from the remaining plants. It a strange lot, not sure what I’m going to make of all this. The large watermelon, about 11 pounds would make for fantastic carving, but my sister has become quite the canner and pickler, making delicious jams like rose watermelon and spicy thai chili jelly. hmmmmm,…what to do?As for the eggplant, I’ll most likely just make a little baba ganoush this evening and eat with house made lavash (if I’m not called into work)
the last of the summer bounty:
3 watermelons
1.5# of various chilis
6 small eggplants
the overgrown mess…ugghh!
after harvesting, the remaining plants were ripped out
slowly tilling and ripping out all the grass (the area hit by sunshine done!)
Okay so I didn’t get as far as I had hoped. It was past noon and the results for Project Food Blog had just been announced so I got deterred. Not too mention it was lunch time. I’ll bang the rest of it out tomorrow. Sunday is La Sumida Nursery day! Fall additions to the garden will include, midget carrots, tokyo turnips, multi-colored beets, broccoflower, onions and potatoes. 
Check back in the next couple of days, I’ll be posting about the final two courses for’s Inaugural menu, the entree (Roasted Beef with Reggiano Cream) and dessert (Pink Peppercorn Ice cream sandwiches!)


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5 responses to “Gardening Day

  1. That looks like a lot of hard work. Good luck with the rest!

  2. Your blog is such a good read. Your recipes and photos look so, so good.Kaukab's daughter

  3. Welcome back. I hope you show the after picture when the garden is ALL done (and after the backache is taken care of). 🙂

  4. arrghh, such tedious work. i thought I may have finished it already but alas it is still in disarray. i have to get it done! it gets it's best light in the winter.yes, tomorrow! ;)Leila

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