a delicious savory sweet dessert…

olive rosemary french toast

Olive rosemary French toast stuffed with goat cheese, served with kalamata honey

Another brilliant creation! This dish also brought to you by…

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This dish is an adaptation of Lana’s recipe at Never Enough Thyme, she truly pulled the brilliant card out for creating a dessert with olives in it, inspiring! Check out her amazing and delicious post at http://www.lanascooking.com/2010/11/01/olive-rosemary-french-toast/

The moment I saw that a dessert with olives was possible, i used my love of all things cheese jump in and play a part. The addition of a creamy, tart goat cheese harmoniously pairs with the bittersweetness of the kalamata honey. This ended up with all the flavors of a cheese plate wrapped up in a tasty french toast snack.
Start with a fresh 
loaf of bread

trim and cut the
slices in half

The bread can be baked fresh, but I was lacking one vital ingredient, yeast plus time was not on my side. So a thrifty loaf from Trader Joe’s  did the trick. 

I prepared the french toast two ways, as one long sandwich in the shape of a ficelle and as dippers (short squat finger food). Having both as serving options opens up the versatility of the dish, you can serve plated after dinner or on a tray at a brunch potluck. 
top with the goat cheese
After layering the goat cheese on the bread, soak in an egg wash (I used 2 eggs and 1 Tbsp of cream, but left out the cinnamon, because I thought it might clash with the already present rosemary). 

Place in a hot buttered pan. Because the french toast turned out to be so tall, the sides had an equal amount of surface area as the tops and bottoms. So two large wooden picks skewered the sandwiches together so they wouldn’t fall open and they were turned on their sides to brown.

in order to brown the tall sides
use toothpicks to hold together
so that they can lay on their side
soak in egg wash

For the kalamata honey I merely pulsed 1/2 C of Lindsay Kalamata Olives with 1/3 C creamed honey. The color of this honey went from pale foamy champagne to a dynamic sultry burgundy.

I first sliced the hot french toast on a bias, placed the pieces on paper towels, dusted with black olive salt and served along side the kalamata honey. Can you say addictive? Yes, very much so. Brunch staple from now one? Oh I think yes!

It always fun to find a recipe for an adventurous dish and it turn out to be a success. A traditionally sweet breakfast treat turned into a grown up dessert.

Kalamata olives & 
creamed honey 

french toast dippers with kalamata honey and black olive salt
Thanks again to Lana at Not Enough Thyme for the awesome idea!
black olive salt is a great addition
But that wasn’t the only way to plate this dish. With the dippers, I had soaked the sandwiches in the egg wash, which resulted in a soft, almost spongy (very french toast) quality. For the second plating, I decided not the cut the sandwiches in half or liberally soak them in the egg. This time they were quickly dip, so lightly coated with egg and seared in the same buttered pan. The result, a crispier dessert!

Spoon olive honey onto plate

crispy goodness!

  This was a fantastic dish and was an immense amount of fun to eat, I highly recommend giving it a try! 
Check back soon, I’ll be attempting my first marshmallow recipe.


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4 responses to “a delicious savory sweet dessert…

  1. So glad I could be inspiration for this wonderful recipe!

  2. That is brilliant! What a creative interpretation of French toast. I will bet that tasted wonderful. I love goat cheese, and never imagined doing something like this with olive bread was possible. I will need to try this sometime.I discovered your blog during the Project Food Blog challenge and have been reading it ever since. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Thanks Jean! this was one of my favorites, all the flavors work really well together.

  4. Leila,What fun you had with this recipe! And you certainly made it your own with the addition of kalamata honey dipping sauce and the layer of goat cheese goodness. May I come to your next brunch? :DThanks for playing along with Kitchen Play and good luck in the Lindsay Olives giveaway.Best,Casey

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