artist, scientist, gastronome & beer geek.
I have spent most of my life in restaurants, usually working us a server or Maitre ‘d in the bustling NYC restaurant scene. It started as an stress free way to pay for gas money in high school but ended up becoming the means of putting myself through college and eventually forged my love for food.
I attended the Culinary Institute of America back in 2001 and a short time later I continued my Bachelors education in the Bronx, obtaining a BA in Biology form CUNY- Lehman College in 2004.  After a couple of years in graduate school studying Food Science and pharmacology at Cornell,  thinking I needed to know the very molecular essence of food and it’s healing properties, I finally gave up on the PhD and returned to restaurants. (Would I go back? if it didn’t involve 9 feet of snow a year and the university was  located in a city, possibly).
I now cultivate my own hops, brew my own beer and grow a beautiful bounty of produce out of my garden in Santa Barbara CA, the land of perpetual sunshine. All the while, chronicling my trials, tribulations and triumphs on this blog. My great food loves are charcuterie, artisanal cheese, black mission figs and the entire world of beer.
My life long dream would be to own an artisanal craft beer tavern.