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hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows

hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows
Today warranted a bit of comfort. Cool & dreary, fall at it’s finest, I needed something to break the grey monotony that plagued this day and prepare myself for the chilly sea whipped bike ride to work that awaited me.

I had a bit of whole cream left from some recipe attempt this week and decided to make quick use of it before it became a relic in my fridge harboring mean curds. It came to about 3/4 C and was combined with 3 C of milk, and heated over a medium flame.

In a separate bowl 1/3 C cocoa, and 1/3 C sugar were mixed together and slowly stirred with the warming milk mixture from the stove. This is just to avoid cocoa clumps, the result is a silky smooth, super rich chocolate syrup and can go directly back into the remaining milk mixture (Its kind of like tempering). Heat until you see it steaming and remove from flame. 

Add marshmallows….
(next post will be complete step by step marshmallow making post, now that I now how to do it, I can make it look good)

make sure to have extra marshmallows

dreamy…this makes everything pretty okay.




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